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Your participation in any of the Take Charge! Live Well! (TCLW) programs is confidential, as are any of your results. The privacy of all information you provide the TCLW program must be protected at all times. Information relating to your health care history, diagnosis, condition, treatment, or evaluation shall be considered individually identifiable health information. Confidentiality of this health information must be maintained at all times, and may only be disclosed with the express written consent of the individual. 

The State of Ohio will not see your individual information. Aggregate data reports from the providers to the state summarize data for the overall population. The state uses this information to develop future health management programs.

There are serious penalties for violation of the confidentiality of health information. Please be aware that HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a piece of federal legislation that directly addresses the privacy and security protection of individually identifiable health information. HIPAA calls for civil and criminal penalties for privacy and security violations.