Make a move toward healthy goals
TODAY'S A GREAT DAY TO START MOVING MORE. Regular exercise has many benefits, and you can start with just a few minutes a day. Find moves that fit your personality, lifestyle and wellness goals, and your workout will feel less like work and be more fun.
Healthy Habit
BEAT WORKOUT BOREDOM. Exercise is fun when you find the right type. Mix things up until you find what works for you.
TRY IT: Cross-training (switching between different activities) works different muscles. It also can make exercise more interesting. Working out with a friend or co-worker or joining a recreational sports team can be motivational as well.
Five to Try
Fitness professionals are constantly finding new ways to make exercise fun. Explore one of the followingcurrent trends to keep workouts interesting:
1. LIVE-STREAMED ROUTINES: Your TV, computer and smartphonecanbring hundreds of live workouts to your home. Of course, pre-recorded ones are widely available, too.
2. SPECIALTY CLASSES: Some fitness studios focus on one type of exercise, such as boot camp, Pilates, rowing or Spinning.
3. DANCE-BASED WORKOUTS: If you're not a fan of Zumba, choose from ballet, hip hop, ballroom or Latin dance classes.
4. SOOTHING MOVES: Due to a new focus on recovery after exercise, stretching, yoga and foam-rolling classes are becoming popular.
5. SELF-DEFENSE STUDIOS: Boxing and martial arts workouts offer the usual perks of exercise, plus practical skills and confidence.
Support System
To reap significant health benefits, experts recommend 150 minutes of exercise each week at moderate intensity. It may be easier to break up the time into smaller sessions: Three 10-minute brisk walks for five days a week will do the trick. Track your progress and work on other personal goals in Well-Being Connect.
Eat Well, Live Well
After exercise your body needs carbohydrates, protein and water to recover properly. Healthy meal prep is fast and delicious with recipes such as the below recipe from Well-Being Connect.
Couscous is actually a type of tiny pasta. Conveniently, the whole-wheat variety is just as fast to prepare as regular couscous. Lemon zest is a delicious accent to nutty Parmesan in this Italian-inspired couscous.
Get the recipe.
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