Rewards - Program Year 2016

Rewards for the 2016-17 Take Charge! Live Well! Program Year

July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

The last day to redeem reward earned June 30, 2017.

You are eligible to receive a Take Charge! Live Well! reward if you are enrolled in one of the state's health plans and complete eligible activities. You may also receive a reward for your enrolled spouse's participation. Eligible employees and spouses can each earn up to $350 in reward cards by completing your Pathway to Wellness.

 Click here for the Rewards chart of the 2016-2017 Program Year.

Envelope from Healthways for VISA gift cards


Envelope from Healthways for all other gift cards

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The rewards paid for the Take Charge! Live Well! program always have been considered taxable income.
Do taxes apply to my reward? Yes. The taxes on the amount of your reward will be added as income and taxed in your paycheck.
How much are the taxes? The reward card amounts are added to the taxable gross income on your check and a flat rate tax is applied since it is considered an award. Flat rate tax runs approximately 25 percent federal and 3.5 percent state. 
When will I be taxed on my reward? You will be taxed on your reward after you have redeemed your reward points and requested a gift card.
How does my reward appear on my paycheck? Your reward will appear as TCLW CC AW (Take Charge! Live Well! credit card award).

Do I have to request my reward? Yes. You will have to request your reward through Well-Being Connect. Click here to go to Well-Being Connect and request your reward. Once you have signed in, review your Rewards Center tab to see what rewards you are eligible for. If you have questions or need assistance odering your rewards card, please contact Healthways Customer Service at 866-556-2288.

How will I receive my reward? You will receive your incentive in two to three weeks following the redemption of your incentive points. If you have not received your reward after two to three weeks, contact Healthways at 866-556-2288.
Any points that are not redeemed by June 30, will automatically be sent in the form of a PNC Bank Visa gift card to the address listed in your OAKS profile.
Are there any fees associated with my rewards card? Yes.  In addition to taxes, each card vendor will include a list of terms and conditions with your card.  For terms and conditions of VISA cards please click here.
What happens if I lose my gift card, or if it is not received? For VISA card orders, please call Healthways at 866-556-2288 for questions regarding the status of your rewards card.  A $5 fee may be applied for replaced Visa cards.  For all non-VISA card orders, the rewards card you selected cannot be re-issued for any reason.  These cards are not available to be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or any other reason that limits your ability to use them.
Will my spouse's reward card come in my name or his/her name? Your spouse's reward card will be addressed to whatever name was used upon check out during the redemption process, however; taxes will be withheld from your paycheck for these rewards.
When will I be able to redeem my points for my reward? For Web-based rewards (e.g. Well-Being 5 survey, Online Pathway,etc.), it may take up to 24 hours for your earned points to be displayed in your Rewards Center. Biometric screening completions may take up to 10 business days to be loaded into your Rewards Center.
Do I receive one gift card for all of the Take Charge! Live Well! activities I complete? It is your choice this year as to how you receive your rewards. You may redeem your reward points separately for each activity you complete. You are welcome to save your points to combine them for a larger denomination gift card to the vendor(s) of your choice.
Will my spouse's reward card come in my name or his/her name? Your spouse's reward card will come in his/her name.
Is there an expiration date for the gift cards? Please refer to the Terms and Conditions document that arrives with your gift card(s). Remaining, expired funds from PNC Visa cards will be sent as a check from PNC, within 2 months after expiration. 
Additional questions? Contact the Healthways’ Customer Service line at 866-556-2288 or click here to go to Well-Being Connect, go to the bottom of the home page, and click on Email Us.

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