Prevent Diabetes through the VP Transform for Prediabetes Program

Do you know if you’re at risk of developing type 2 diabetes?

Take the one-minute quiz to see if you’re eligible for VP Transform for Prediabetes. VP Transform for Prediabetes is a CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program offered entirely online, at no cost to you. When you join the program, you’ll receive a 12-month healthy lifestyle education as well as a digital scale and an activity tracker* to help you monitor your progress. Oh — you also get your own dedicated health coach for the whole year (yes, it’s free).

*Scale and activity tracker are taxable items.

VP Transform for Prediabetes Program
Who is eligible?
Employees and spouses enrolled in the State of Ohio medical plan are eligible to enroll in the VP Transform for Prediabetes program. 

Ready to get started?
Follow these easy steps:
Step 1 Go to the Take Charge | Live Well home page and click The Hub tile to get started
Step 2 Once logged in, choose the Programs tab. From the navigation menu, select All Programs in the left menu
Step 3 Select VP Transform for Prediabetes from the list of programs, and then click Start Now
Step 4 Take the one-minute quiz to see if you’re eligible for VP Transform for Prediabetes.

Program Structure
The VP Transform for Prediabetes program is one year long and has two distinct phases:

Core | 4 months
The first 4 months (16 weeks) of the program deliver weekly learning sessions with built-in activities that help you apply the information to your own life right away. The learning sessions cover topics related to sustainable weight loss, being more active, healthy eating, and emotional and mental resilience. Each week you will also connect, virtually, with your health coach for individual support and goal-setting.

For Life | 8 months
The remaining 8 months of the program are dedicated to maintaining and reinforcing the new healthy behaviors you developed in the first 16 weeks.

What to Expect
While you’re in the program, you’ll aim to achieve two goals:

  • Reduce your weight by 5–7% of your starting body weight. This small amount of weight loss can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by about 60%.
  • Increase your physical activity to 150 minutes each week. Your coach will help you incorporate more physical activity at moderate intensity throughout the week.

What’s Included With the VP Transform for Prediabetes Program
A personal health coach to guide you, support you and hold you accountable
You will have your own personal dedicated health coach to support you through your journey. Your coach will help you set attainable daily and weekly goals.

Wireless Scale
You’ll receive a wireless scale as you begin the program.

Activity Tracker
Once you’ve been fully engaged in the program for 4 weeks, you’ll receive an email with information on how to get your free Fitbit!

VP Transform for Prediabetes App
Access weekly lessons, track your meals, communicate with your health coach, and track your weekly progress all through the VP Transform for Prediabetes mobile app, at no cost to you.