Give Yourself Financial Security
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5 ways to find financial security with help from Take Charge! Live Well! 
1. Craft a cash flow plan.
A monthly cash flow plan puts you in control of your money. You will know what cash is coming in and where it needs to go to cover expenses and reach larger goals. Don't be afraid of the "b" word (budget). Create your cash flow plan with the video help and interactive forms in the Sharecare Financial Well-Being program. 
2. Let your budget light the way.
If you and your spouse budgeted a total of $200 for holiday gifts, there's no reason to waffle over that $300 item on a relative's wish list. A clear budget helps you make decisions without debate. For unexpected but important expenses, you can check your plan to see if you have the flexibility to move dollars from one category to another.
3. Build for your future with steady savings.
Savings are an essential part of any budget. Pay yourself first each month, and your savings will grow. Work toward a $1,000 emergency fund so you are prepared for unplanned expenses that always seem to hit at the worst time. 
4. Decline invitations to debt.
Sales and marketing messages can make credit purchases seem easy, but you're better off saying no to loans and interest payments. If you have non-mortgage debts, use the "snowball" approach to get rid of them one by one. Put extra cash toward your smallest debt first until it is paid off, and then start paying down the next one. The Sharecare Financial Well-Being program has more ideas on how to dump debt. 
5. Trade good feelings at birthday, anniversary and holiday gatherings.
Shift your holiday focus from costly gifts to feel-good moments. At family gatherings, give each other words of appreciation or swap special photos. Share positive memories about family members who can't be with you. It's okay to modify traditions to ease travel or financial stress. For more healthy ideas for the season, search "holiday" in the Well-Being Connect resource center.