Privacy Statement

Protecting Your Privacy
Is my privacy protected?
Yes. Virgin Pulse protects the confidentiality of your information, in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, which prohibits anyone from receiving your personal health information without your permission. Virgin Pulse may provide the State of Ohio with collective data about its population as a whole, but not any individual health information unless you consent to provide. Virgin Pulse does not sell your information and is not a telemarketing service.
Who Is Virgin Pulse​?
Virgin Pulse has been an industry leader in corporate wellness programs since 2004 and is bases their wellness programs on the following principles:
  • Engaging employees: By supporting their holistic health and wellbeing at work and beyond
  • Empowering people: To do their best work by removing organizational barriers
  • Building a culture: That aligns with the company's core mission and values
  • Maximizing HR investments: Through increased participation, easy administration, and powerful analytics
What are the biometric screening and health risk assessment?
The biometric screening and health risk assessment (HRA) gives you the information you need to improve your overall well-being. The State of Ohio partners with Virgin Pulse to deliver this program and ensure your privacy. By participating in a biometric screening and completing an HRA, you will learn more about your current health status, how your lifestyle habits affect your well-being, and what you can do to make healthier choices. The program is voluntary and completely confidential. It is important to answer all questions as accurately as possible. This ensures the results reflect your true health status. Biometric measurements are not necessary to complete the HRA; however, having this detailed information allows the experience to be more personalized for you.
What happens during the biometric screening?
At a biometric screening, a health professional will measure your height, weight, waist circumference, and resting blood pressure. A small sample of blood will be collected to determine your cholesterol, glucose levels, triglycerides, and other factors that can lead to lifestyle-related health complications. The biometric screening does not test for illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis. The screening is administered by Sharecare and a national laboratory will process blood tests. All information is kept confidential, in compliance with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
Will my discussions with a health coach be kept confidential?
If you qualify for coaching by phone, anything you share with a health coach will be held in the strictest confidence. To get the most out of the Take Charge | Live Wellprogram, it is important that you are as honest and open as possible in your discussions. Your personal health data and the information you disclose to a health coach will not be shared with the State of Ohio.