For Benefit Year 2022: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Get healthier! Get rewards!

You and your spouse are eligible to receive Take Charge | Live Well rewards if you are enrolled in the State's medical plan and can each earn up to $550 by completing activites to improve your health and wellness. 

Wellness Rewards for July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022

Know Your Numbers and Healthy Measurements -- Earn up to $350
Do Healthy Things Earn Rewards
Complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) $50
Complete a biometric screening
Via an on-site event, Physician Form, or Patient Service Center
Healthy weight biometrics
  • Your BMI between 18.5-29.9, or
  • You have a 5% weight loss from FY20 biometrics, or
  • You complete the reasonable alternative
    • Complete all 5 of the Getting Active or Healthy Eating Journeys


Additional Activities (Capped at $200)
Do Healthy Things Earn Rewards
Complete tobacco-cessation coaching (4 coaching appointments) $100/completion
Complete a coaching appointment (1 x per month) $25/appointment
Engage in fitness activities with Wellbeats (complete at least 10 classes) $50 each
Participate in a company challenge (up to 3x per year) $25 each
Complete preventative care appointments (1x per month) $25 each
Participate in wellness events (1x per month) $10 each
Participate in financial well-being activities or courses (1 x per month) $10 each
Participate in community events (1x per month) $10 each


Rewards: How rewards will be received

Rewards earned by the State employee and his or her spouse, if applicable, will be reflected on the State employee's paycheck after the completed activity has been processed. Payroll additions will likely appear on paychecks within 8-12 weeks after the completion of an activity.

Any employee who retires or terminates prior to the paycheck that they would receive the reward on (typically up to 12 weeks) will receive a check in the mail to the address listed in OAKS, for that same pay cycle that they would have received it on.  For example, if the normal cycle would have the employee receiving their reward on a Nov. 1 paycheck, but they retire in October, they will receive a check in the mail approximately on Nov. 1 for that reward. 


Rewards earned by the State employee and his or her spouse, if applicable, are taxable. Taxes are based on the amount of the reward. The taxes for rewards earned by either the employee or spouse will be deducted from the State employee's paycheck. The paycheck will reflect the amount of the rewards minus the taxes.