Well-Being Connect®


Well-Being Connect is the secure portal for State of Ohio employees to access their personal health and wellness information. Well-Being Connect is managed by Sharecare (formerly Healthways). First-time users entering Well-Being Connect will be asked to complete the Well-Being 5® survery. 

Well-Being Connect Sign-in (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the preferred browsers when using Well-Being Connect)

Well-Being Connect User Guide offers instructions and support to use the Well-Being Connect portal.

Steps for completing the Well-Being 5 survey and setting your goals
1. From your computer or other device’s web browser, visit ohio.gov/tclw and select the blue Well-Being Connect image.
2. On the Well-Being Connect website, sign in to your account. If you don’t have a username and password yet, select Create an Account.
3. Select the Take Your Survey button.
4. Answer the questions as guided and use the arrows to navigate between questions. You can save your progress and return at a later time to complete the survey, if you need to.
5. When finished, you will see your high-level results. Select the Download or Print links to save a copy.
There are two ways to dive deeper into your results for each of the five elements of your well-being and see
personalized recommendations. One way is to view the downloaded file. The other is to expand the sections on this page in the Explore Your Score section. Next, select the Get Started button.
6. You may see some goals suggested to help you on your path to well-being. Use the Add Goal or No Thanks buttons to indicate which goals you’d like to start with. Select View All Goals for more options. When you’ve selected all of the goals you want to focus on, select Start Goals.
7. You can receive emails to remind you to complete and track your goals. To change your preferences, select the down arrow beside your profile picture at the top of the page and navigate to the communication preferences section.
8. When you return to update your progress or change your goals, select the Personal Goals link at the top of the page. Mark your progress for each goal. You only can record for the current day.
Password Reset
Well-Beiung Connect usernames and psswords are case-sensitive.
For username or password reset help, call Sharecare Customer Service, 1-866-556-2288.
Well-Being Challenges 

Well-being challenges are a fun way to work toward well-being goals with other members of Take Charge! Live Well! There are a variety of challenges throughout the year, each with a different focus, such as being more active, eating better or achieving a healthier weight. Each challenge gives you the opportunity to earn from $50 to a maximum of $200.*

Well-Being Challenge Catalog 2018-19

*The maximum you can earn for participating in well-being improvement activities is $200. Activities include wellbeing challenges, health coaching calls and online Financial Well-Being lessons that you complete. You must achieve the active participation requirement for each challenge to earn the reward. Reward cards are considered taxable compensation. The taxes will be deducted from your paycheck. For more information about the Take Charge! Live Well! program, click here.

What new benefits does Sharecare offer?

With Sharecare, you are able to:

  • Track incentive activity completion and delivery of incentive online 

  • Track day-to-day exercise, nutrition and goals online

  • Register for challenges online

  • Access recipes and menus online

  • Chat live with a health coach online

  • See what wellness events are coming to your region of Ohio online

  • Make online appointments for screenings and events

Have additional questions? Contact the Sharecare customer service line at 1-866-556-2288 or click here to go to the Sharecare website, go to the bottom of the home page and click on Email Us.